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“Lifetime” benefits of the following:

*** You can contact us time of year for questions and/or financial tax advice

*** If you receive any letter form the IRS, I will assist you through the process

*** We will prepare all prior year tax returns if you are behind on your filing

*** Digital versions of your documents and your return upon request



De'More Tax Service  

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Online Tax Instructions

  • Please click on the tab called "Clients Service Center" and complete all required  forms or complete the request form. 

  • All clients will need to complete the New & Current Client Tax Intake Form and Taxpayer's Authorization Consent Form and sent with all W2's, 1099-M's, 1042-S, copies of each taxpayer driver license, ID/passport - visa, social security card of each party listed on tax return, 1095-A, B, or C, and other tax documents related via email, fax, or drop off if you are nearby.

  • You will received an email confirmation that we have received your documents.

  • The tax preparation will beginso watch your email because questions may appear. Most returns completed within 1 business day upon receipt.

  • We will email you the completed results whether you are getting a refund or owe the IRS with a detail description of explanation.

  • We ask you whether you would like your return to be e-filed or have a phone or online meeting to review it together.

  • After you electronically sign 8879 authorization formwe will e-file your return and send you a hard copy for your records.

Thanks you for your business!


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