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Bank Products - $35.00

Tax Planning - $125.00

*Filing Extension - $75.00

* 2nd Looks - $125.00

Audit Protection Plus - $99.00

Amend Your Tax - $150.00

IRS Audit CL2000 Letter - $200.00

(without Protection Plus)

* Credit Card Authorization Form -  Fillable 

Tax Preparation Fees

Our goal is to provide the very best in tax expertise to reward our customer with the “excitement” of maximizing their refund. Because our quality control standards are high, our expertise are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver an extraordinary tax experience. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy and invite you to a "FREE" 30-minute consultation.

Services: All 1040 series, 1040NR/ Foreign Income, ITIN, 1042-S, Form 8833 + 8843, OPT Students -Visa F, J, H, M, T, EIC, Child Care Expense, Military, Child Tax Credit, Affordable Care Act, Unemployment, Pension, Social Security, IRS, Sole Proprietor, 1099M, Schedule A, B, C, and D, Capital Gain, Form 843 + 8316 Abatement, Treaty Disclosure, and Rental Property.

Offers: Bank Products, Direct Deposit, E-Filing, DocuSign, Mobile, Virtual, Online, Prior Year Returns, Support IRS Audits, Audit Protection Plus, and Amend Tax Returns

All pricing is subject to be negotiated, revised, or changed depending on each individual tax situation.

                                      Here is a list of Tax Preparation Fees: 


Federal State Total
1040 EZ                                           $75.00 Included Included
1040 A                                           $150.00 Included Included
1040                                          $170.00 Included Included



Quarterly Tax Return

Estimated Tax

        $170.00 - All Visa Status / No EFile

     $225.00 - All Visa Status / No Efile




Additional Forms
EIC Earned Income Credit $25.00
Schedule A Itemized Deductions $25.00
Schedule B Interest and Ordinary Dividends $25.00
Schedule C Self-Employed Per C Return $250.00
Schedule D Capital Gains $25.00
Schedule E Rental Income Per Property $250.00 
Form 8812 Additional Child Tax Credit $25.00
Form 8863 Education Credits $25.00
Form 8880 Retirement Savings Credit $10.00

Form 8833/8843 

Form 843/8316

W-7 - ITIN

Treaty-Based Return Position Disclosure/Statement for Exempt Individuals

Claim for Refund and Request for
Abatement/Social Security Tax Withheld

Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number




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